Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The sins of Sarah Palin

"Sarah Palin is a sinner. She has violated several commandments and thoroughly deserves the savage beating that she is now getting from political
mandarins and media elites. Where were the leaks and the trial balloons? Why weren’t the media alerted so they could have predicted it?

When you do what the media have predicted, you are “savvy.” You are a “skilled” and “adept” politician.

If you surprise the media, however, you are “out of control” and “bizarre” and even “egotistical.” (Though I have always believed that accusing politicians of being egotistical is like accusing ballerinas of dancing on their toes.)

How badly do some in the media take to surprise? Here is CNN’s Rick Sanchez on Palin’s announcement that she was leaving office prematurely. “Is there anything going on with her that perhaps may lead her to want to make this decision, and the one thing that’s still left out there is, hey, could she be pregnant again?” Sanchez asked.

Could be, Rick. Or maybe it was just her time of month, because, hey, that’s why woman politicians make the decisions they do, right?

Great article. The liberals are besides themselves. First they claim over and over that Palin is an idiot and we all should not pay her any attention. Yet the permissive liberal media can't go 1 day without putting her in the headlines. If, Palin is not a contender in the political world than why does the permissive liberal media give her so much attention? Seems to be the same type of theme here as the permissive liberal media played on Reagan and George W. Bush. And the were successfull two term Presidents.

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