Saturday, June 13, 2009

More of Obama meddling in GM

More of Obama not only telling GM how to run it's business, but also knowing how to run GM better than the actual people with AUTOMOTIVE background. How many people on Obama's task force come from an automotive background? The kid that's still in college? No. The guy from AT&T? No. The guy that comes to MI and meets with Granholm? No. He has a psych background! Wait, I know...Obama himself? Nope. Not unless GM has needed a community organizer in the past. Oh wait, maybe Obama's VP, Biden. No. Has Biden ever held in a job in the private sector? No. So....who's going to run GM now. The U.S. Treasury, the UAW and people with no automotive background. This just screams success

Once again, this isn't the "change" I voted for. Not even the "Yes we can".

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