Friday, May 22, 2009

Yet, another "GOP must moderate" article

How typical it is from CNN:

OK, read the entire article. Add thought, reason and read the last paragraph:

"Simply arguing that we need to establish pro-growth tax policies and leave it at that is not enough anymore. Republicans also need to acknowledge government has a role to play, and it is the responsibility of all elected lawmakers to get it right. Taking this kind of step would not only move the GOP closer to the political center, but would also be another step in the party's journey back from political oblivion."

OK, I really don't think anyone of sound mind is arguing (except this guy who appears to be arguing with a straw man in the room) that government does not have any role at all to play. It is hard for me to respond to this. Yes, of course! Government has a role to play. And yes, in Walter Reed Hospital, Katrina and Iraq.... that is for the federal government to act in. What the heck is guy talking about? Does he think Conservatives expect the federal government do deliver the mail, and provide for a common defense and period that's it?!

Anyways, yet here we have another RINO talking about moderation and for Republicans to engage in an argument with no one. DUMB DUMB DUMB.

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