Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bush's Gitmo Vindication

Great article from the WSJ:

"Mr. Obama called all of this a "mess" that he had inherited, but in truth the mess is of his own haphazard design. He's the one who announced the end of Guantanamo without any plan for what to do with, or where to put, KSM and other killers. Now he's found that his erstwhile allies in Congress and Europe want nothing to do with them. Tell us again why Gitmo should be closed?"

Yes, seems Candidate Obama and President Obama speak in different tunes. Seems Candidate Obama and President Obama sing a different tune now that President Obama has actual, true responsbility. I wonder if President Obama will ever put on his desk in the Oval Office: The Buck Stops Here.

Naw, he'd have to hold a public opinion poll first to see who actually gets stuck holding the buck when the music stops playing.

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