Thursday, May 7, 2009

'It would be a mistake for us to moderate'

Great interview with Dick Cheney:

"Cheney: No I don’t. I think it would be a mistake for us to moderate. This is about fundamental beliefs and values and ideas ... what the role of government should be in our society, and our commitment to the Constitution and Constitutional principles. You know, when you add all those things up the idea that we ought to moderate basically means we ought to fundamentally change our philosophy. I for one am not prepared to do that, and I think most us aren’t. Most Republicans have a pretty good idea of values, and aren’t eager to have someone come along and say, “Well, the only way you can win is if you start to act more like a Democrat.”"

I could not agree more. Every time we go to the center, every time we "moderate", we LOSE elections. When we lose as Conservatives that means the bench loses! We cannot afford to have any judicial positions go liberal! The fight for this nation's soul is at the bench!!!!

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