Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Developers and creative pros are blasting Apple’s new MacBook Pro

Reminder: The current Mac Pro page brags about the performance with Aperture, a program that Apple retired 2+ years ago

The 2016 MacBook Pro ships with RAM and processor specs that are nearly identical to the 2010 model. Deja vu?
At least it feels like that, because the MacBook Pro has had options of up to 16 GB of RAM since 2010. The only difference now is that you pay for the update.
The MacBook Pro had options with 2.4 gigahertz dual-core processors back in 2010. Anything new in 2016? Not really, well… nope.

Blake Lowry of Pixel Rants notes:
Now Microsoft showed off it’s new computing device, precisely aimed at artists, designers, and photographers. Their new Surface Studio is the holy grail for for creatives, like myself. I’ve long wanted a computer to completely replace a drafting or drawing table. The Surface Studio is a no compromise machine for people that are setting out to create things. From it’s massive 28″ touch screen, low angle adjustment. palm rejection, high color output, over 4k screen, and insane specs, it’s gives you everything a creative wants. Oh, not to forget about the cool input the Dial allows.
The new MacBook Pro, by contrast, looks to be targeting consumers and prosumers as opposed to full-on professionals. I can’t think of an excuse an artist would make to choose a MacBook Pro over a Surface Studio, well except price and portability, and even then there’s a really good argument to be made about the new Surface Book. But we’re talking about no-compromise tools for professionals. I envision art departments with rows of the Studio. Just walk up to it like a drawing table and get busy. It’s a remarkable time to be a creative.

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