Monday, February 1, 2016

Thoughts on a visit to an Apple Store and a Microsoft Store

Preface: I’m a Microsoft guy.

My experience this past Saturday: Went to the Microsoft Store at the Somerset Mall – Troy, MI.  Went to the Apple Store. Very different atmospheres. One is like a rock concert(Apple) and the other is like walking into K-Mart(MSFT).  Spent hands on time with the SP4 and Surface Book.  It would take time for me to get use to the Surface Book Laptop. It's literally a heavy cold piece of metal.  Very sturdy and cool. But it's very different.  It's more of a just a block of steel than even a MacBook Pro.  I don't think I could shell out $2K for it compared to the Dell Latitude I just bought. It is a very high end machine. No doubt, and it is totally aimed at the high end MacBooks in the same price range... and the Lenovo X1 laptop too for example. and MSFT knows it's aiming for a niche market with this... no doubt about that.   And that's all it'll be too and again MSFT knows it. Now the SP4... sad... 2 of the display models were fracked up and non-responsive. I re booted one, still was fracked.  Not good. I found one that was running.  Played with it for about 10 minutes. Again, I'd have to get use to the smaller overall size.  If I traveled and moved around a lot, 100%.  But still.... for the $1,800 price tag... I still think a conventional laptop is more ... trying to think of the word...useable...

I want to call today and speak with the manager at the Microsoft store. It was a wreck in my opinion. I mean messy the display models were crooked for example sitting round, the one fat guy who talked me just mentioned "Those Surface Books are nice. one day I’ll have one" and then he just walked away. Sure I said I'm just looking... but still.  you’re a salesman and just walk away from me while I look at a $2,000 machine?  You walk into the Apple store 180-degree difference.

I will add as the day continues on my thoughts of this. Much more to add...

The Manager of the store and I have spoke.  Good conversation.....

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