Thursday, November 14, 2013

Time (again) for Apple to grow up and join the Enterprise world of I.T.

Rant: HUGE difference between Apple and Microsoft: Apple releases 7.0.4 iOS today and these are the details we get: Apple has just released iOS version 7.0.4, an update for all devices running iOS 7. Unlike iOS 7.0.3, which fixed a fairly extensive list of small bugs three weeks ago, this patch addresses only one specific bug that would apparently cause "FaceTime calls to fail for some users." Other "bug fixes and improvements" are promised but not described in detail. Apple's support site doesn't actually feature any details on iOS 7.0.4 just yet, but we'll update this post if we discover any other fixes of note." Are you kidding me? "Other bug fixes..." ?? WTF are they! Apple fanatics can rant on Patch Tuesday, but at least I know when Windows patches are coming and exactly what the fraking update!!! Grow up Apple!

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