Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boot to classic desktop will be an option in Windows 8.1 "Blue" this fall.

I'm reading Microsoft is waking up and pushing out updates (performance and feature)to Windows and Office much faster. Like incremental updates every month I'm experiencing now with Win8 and Office 2013. That is a good thing. Now I read the big Win 8.1 "Blue" update this fall will allow Windows 8 to bypass the Metro Screen and boot direct into the classic desktop? Honestly Microsoft, who is running Redmond? You stood steadfast on this. Now you back track? Make the option for Win 8 Prof and Enterprise users only. Get Office 2013 full Metro Mode and say good bye to the desktop for direct boot. I find the same arguments by people on this who wanted their Program Manager back when Win95 came out. Hello Luddites, time to move on.

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